Monday, January 26

Updates from the front

Well it's the year of the bovine now so happy new year everyone or Gong Xi Fa Cai and so on and so forth. The singaporean govt has kindly given all of us a total of 4 free days (Sat, Sun, Mon and Tue) in which to celebrate leaving the year of the rodent and entering the year of the bovine. It's going to be one hell of a year for everybody, or so I'm told. Besides the financial crisis, all animals except the rooster and the snake will not be faring well. The dragon I'm told, is in big shit.

The reason for the spiteful tone of this post is the fact that yes, I sprained my right ankle again. It's as bad as usual though not as bad as when I penetrated (ha!) the mattresses at climb asia only to climax (ha!) on the wooden floor with a loud crack. This new sprain has left me utterly incapacitated for these entire four days. Bygone are my plans to start running for sundown, or to go and do some yoga or anything. Yup. Stuck indoors with nay a book to read and only movies to watch. We are now watching BBC's "Planet Earth" and we are amazed.

Instead, I am reveling in the new doorway pull-up bar that I found, thanks to my anon commenter (owe you a coffee!!) in queesnway. Here it is, in all its glory. I've been doing, well, pull-ups on it. I plan to note my max pullup every week. This week it was a meagre 10 squirmy-wormy pull-ups. I hope to improve. I WILL improve. Hell ... i'm doing one every time i pass under it, and by next week i will take it up to two!

Today, in spite of all reason, Marian and I went to the gym to ah, well, try to climb [grins]. My attempts were pathetic. I can very well climb for a while on jugs and using only my left leg, but if I have to do any moves that involve my right leg, well ... I am stuck or I lock my left hand in ways even i didn't know it was possible. To say nothing that I can't just jump down (tried it and lading only on your left leg is NOT pleasant), so I must downclimb and thus waste a lot of energy. I set up a route called "Five Golden Rings" (Marian is responsible for the funny move that breaks the flow), a very easy endurance route for the weaker novice girls. To reminisce the times from our Perlis trip (btw, I still haven't cleaned my rope or my draws) when we sang "Twelve days of Christmas" to smithereens and back, those that end the route must sing "FIIIVE GOOLDEN RIIINGS" or else the route is not counted.


Anonymous said...

Your anon commenter is a grad from NUS ;-) It's inspiring to read your posts, keep 'em coming! - anon

san said...

CLAUD! you're damn hard core! haha.. oh man, i can foresee ass-whipping when i do my not-so-secret secret training with you in time to come! haha.. pull ups huh? and don't climb if your ankle hurts.. haha.. the pot calling the kettle black huh. welcome to the world of down climbing. helps build endurance!

dor said...

I really think that gerry, shaoting and me are rubbing on you. We are like that sekret mole you never knew you had. FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! :)

On a seasonal note, I've got a get-fat pack for you! :) So errr do more pullups. -nods head- errr and careful about that ankle too. roar.

claudia said...

yeah san you're right, i won't climb if my ankle hurts :)) I won't climb routes that require me to hook or sit in that is :)) Anyhow, our sekret training is this Friday woo hoo!

claudia said...

And how exactly would this mole be called? Shadorge? (sounds japanese) or Gerdorsha? :)) Like a geisha or smth :) anyhow, behave or i'll have you removed! :))