Friday, January 23

San and Claud's Sekret Sweaty Fridays!!!

For the next three weeks, i.e. 30 Jan, 6 Feb, 13 Feb - 10 am to 11:30 am, here's the plan:

  1. 1 round around the gym plus warm-up:

    • up and down on every wall except enterprise and slab, our favorite

    • no jugs except when coming down on 38 degree wall

  2. upstairs for fingerboard woo hoo!

    3 sets of:
    • hangs medium campus board hold: 6x6

    • touches large campus board hold: 3 times each hand alternate

    • laddering medium hold: up and down alternate hand

  3. Project session 50min-1hour: 2/4 hard routes either from monday's session or focusing on our own printed-in-black-and-white-in-html-confirmed-but-can-ammend weaknesses:
    • San: pinches & deadpoint

    • Claud: slopers & crimps & deadpoint

    • Doris: (LE) slopers & medium difficult moves on shitty footholds


dor said...

my my arent you all gonna be hot and sweaty woo!

you is forgetting that i is sucking at slopers too!

cya tmr chiquta

san said...

whao, now tt's its up, i guess i cun run away from the not-so-secret secret training anymore.. haha.. claud! how's ur ankle?