Monday, January 12

Ha! [Updates from the front]

Nothing better than cycling in Pulau Ubin from 11am to 2:30 pm without any sunblock to roast your back! Top that with a one hour yoga class on Sunday where my oh-so-friendly instructor pushed my burnt back to the limits!!! But! Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I can reach my toes without bending my knees in a forward bend! I know that many many many people out there can do this, but really, they shouldn't take it for granted, because there are other puny inflexible, fat mortals like myself who can't!

Other than that, I postponed my decision of not spending moolah on stuffs till maybe next month. This is because the chinese new year sales are in town! So I will either not go out at all, or, ah well ... My plan so far is to stay out of any bookstores because I don't need anymore books. Actually, I need, but there's no more space!

Training starts today. I will say nothing more, except that we are doing weighted pullups, fingerboard, and projecting some routes which yours truly will be setting in about 2 hours time. Oh, and my elbow hurts again. Bad. Bearable. Big deal! See, the three B's of injury prevention :))

I still have my kamikaze spirit! We ventured on the mountain bike trails on Sunday. Yup. Considering that when I am riding a bike I can only turn left, have to get off the bike when I have to go over a kerb, cannot lift both hands, cannot stand up and such... I still managed to go through the Blue square trails without falling more than 5 times and pushing my bike uphill more than, what? Six-eight times? Looking forward to that time, maybe 10 years from now, when I will be good enough to justify investing in a bike of my own.

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dor said...

heh, we should go together one day to cycle those trails. We can kamikaze together!!!!!! (hahaha overly excited about death by mountain biking)