Tuesday, January 13


It's when life grabs you by the shoulders and spits you right between the eyes.

Adidas Sundown Marathon is coming on the 30th of May. Last year I was harboring wishes about running the 84 km distance, but I gave up on those plans when I realized that I will be in Romania at that time. But plans have changed and apparently I will be back in singapore by the 27th. So I can run! Yay!

So last night I was still harboring dreams and butterflies about running the 84 km. Will it take me all night? Can I do it? etc ... Only when I got home did life's saliva hit me. I mean, COME ON!!!! After the standard chartered marathon I totally stopped running (ok, not totally but not that much either) and now I am barely running 5 km with all the huffs and puffs of accumulated fats and aches from scrubbing floors and typing too much (i.e. sitting down). I haven't checked it out but I think you're supposed to train humongous distances and such. When am I going to do all that? I mean with climbing and project Elephant and work (I kid you not, I am seriously working now) ... WHEN?

So I wiped the spit from my face with a big *SIGH* and I think I'll be running the marathon. Notice the "think". It's not the distance that scares me, but ... Downgrades, I hate.


io said...

84 km?! Holy crap! That's a lot! I couldn't run them like... never! But you can do it, cause you're you :) Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

ionuca said...

*uhm, commentul ala de mai sus e al meu, adica ionuca, da' am apasat pe enter inainte de vreme :)))

claudia said...

chiar ma gandeam cine o fi "io" :)