Thursday, January 1

In which I draw the line and count!

Urgh. Just trying to get over the extreme tiredness that I am feeling right now. Baked some absolutely wonderful cinnamon rolls but forgot to take a picture of them. They were a major hit at the New Year party (pictures and post tomorrow). All nice and fattening (cause anyhow I don't eat them cause they are too sweet) for all the ladies, muhahahaha!!

I came to school today to climb with Sandra, Doris, Jiasheng and YJ. I think I will make it a lifetime tradition to climb on the first day of the year. It just feels so good. And believe it or not, I was very nervous when I climbed my first route of the day (and year), because I kept thinking that if I don't flash then my whole year will end up being crappy climb-wise.

Before I leave my desk I just wanted to have a moment to remember 2008.

  • January - Chile, Aconcagua. I never knew I would be able to bear so much. Lost a friend.

  • March - Boulderactive (not the last for open women) and! with the help of Vincent, I bought my new best friend, my Northface backpack.

  • April - went Ipoh to climb. And. I. sucked. Wake up call and decision NEVER to take so much time off from climbing.

    Started training with Nita and Mei Fen for their trip to Kilimanjaro.

    Discovered running in Mac Ritchie Reservoir and Bukit Timah hill.

    Met Tracy.

  • May - LAST for Rockmaster. A good kick in the ass is one step forward, I always say ...

  • June - Climbing in Krabi with Marian. Happie couple times. Climbing in Krabi with the team. Short, but good!

  • July - Alps, Matterhorn. Came very close to dying. Putting things in perspective.

  • August - Army half. Almost quit but made it in the end. Marian decides to train for the marathon.

  • September - Discovered cycling in Pulau Ubin. Cool!!!

    Decided I don't want to be an elephant no more (be more flexible) so I joined yoga.

    Reached the Nike Plus 1000 km mark. Which means I ran 1000km in about a year and three months. Not bad.

  • November - Did night running in MacRitchie. AMAZING!!!

  • December - Marian and I run the Standard Chartered Marathon. And finish decently in under 5 hrs, a good team building exercise.

    My friends leave for home for ever and I feel lost without my posse.

    Climbing in Perlis with the team. I give myself a pat on the back for some progress in lead climbing. And one good kick in the ass for being too blunt sometimes.

    I spend the last two days of 2008 scrubbing floors and moving furniture.

I Heart 2008!!

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