Tuesday, October 27

A memorable Saturday

06:15 am - Struggled to wake up because the climbing session from the previous night had left me swollen like a watermelon. Left in a hurry such that I could meet Regina at 7:15 for the Nike Human Race. Went through a series of heart attacks because she had no place to leave her stuff and the race was starting at 7:15 instead of 7:30 as they had previously said.

7:30 am - started running. To my utter amazement and pride Reg did not stop at all!! Neither did she whine or grump! I was super pleased and happy - even though she did grump afterwards to last me a life time :)) Here we are together with Janice, who ran with us most of the way. We finished in 1hr: 21mins: 34 secs yay!

10 am - 6:30 pm - rushed home to start cooking! Saturday night was the night of the Romanian dinner at my place. For which occasion I cooked/served the following (sorry for the pics, but we decided half-way to take them, by which time the soup was gone and the cabbage was soon to follow):

  • Borscht soup - still not sour enough for Doris' taste, but I am getting there

  • Cabbage stew with sausages - one of my favorite dishes (blame marian for the pic)

  • Roasted eggplant salad

  • Polenta with sausages and cheese - a total failure - I have to stand by my friend when she cooks this

  • Stuffed bell-peppers

  • Mashed potatoes with chicken stew

  • Three types of cheeses commonly found in romanian supermarkets - cow, sheep and smoked cheddar yay!!

  • Tomato salad

  • Mango sticky rice - too mushy

Cherlyn brought DURIAN CHEESECAKE - TWO of them, which I am very happy to say are still in my freezer for me to enjoy and my thighs to enlarge. Charlene and Liying brought delish fruit tarts (some of them had carved faces, so cute!)

We played Wii and we talked and we laughed and it was all again like one big climbing training. Without the climbing but of course, with the food :))

1:30 am - collapsed for some well deserved ZZZ. While writing this I cannot actually recall Sunday.


san said...

thx for the YUMMY-licious food!and the polenta was not a failure la..

claudia said...

Yes but you should have tasted my friend's, that one is really good whereas mine was just a "meh".