Thursday, October 8


There is no free lunch. This is what my supervisor is very fond of saying - i can tell that he really likes this sentence because his face lights up when the says it.

For example, last night we actually climbed really fun routes, which is something we haven't been doing in a long time. However, this morning my fingers were stiff, and some of them continue to be even now, later in the day. Trade-off numero Uno.

Next, this sem I am not tutoring under the same lecturer as last sem, which actually means that I get tutorial solutions mostly on time, and full comprehensible sentences in emails. However, this lecturer is new and young and has crazy ideas how he should be present during the tutorials while I give feedback to students about their projects while ANOTHER tutor answers student's questions about the tutorial at the same time. Like WTF? Trade-off numero Dos.

Apparently, there are no more ants in my boiler. However, it seems that now they have moved to Marian's side of the lab, which currently hosts more people than mine. However, those people seem to care less about the increasing number of ants (especially near their trash bin) which will result in the end in more ants coming my way. Trade-off numero Tres.

Next, today my supervisor took on the daunting task to draw me a diagram that HE likes, instead of me doing multiple tries until he gets even a little bit satisfied. However, I was stuck with grading his mid-terms for half a day, while he corrected my last diagram. Trade-off numero Quatro.

Lastly, climbing with the more technical people (Sandra that is) have taught me to hold crimps and sit-in on tiles. Sitting-in is also a must when one has a BIG butt like mine, because that is the only way one can actually hold shitty crimps. However, from a sit-in position (let's say on the right leg) it is very hard to stand up and go fast towards another crimp (towards the right). Actually it is close to impossible. At least for me. Last night I tried at least FIFTY times (uncounted) to do that particular thing and it seems I could only stick the last crimp when I wasn't thinking about it. Hell I am still thinking about it, which will probably decrease my chances of sticking it tomorrow. Actually, I am not sure if this is trade-off numero Cinqo or just the zillionth unfortunate consequence of HAVING. A. BIG. BUTT.

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san said... technical?rite.sure.haha..and my fingers are sore too.not to mention my shoulder... :(