Wednesday, October 14

Training with a ZING!

I knew there was another reason why last Thursday I was queen of my flock, chief of my chickens while running to Raffles! It wasn't the oolong tea or anything, it was just that I had resumed hill training in preparation for New Zealand. This time at least I am not the only crazy caucasian carrying heavy backpacks up on Vigilante or in MacRitchie reservoir, I have Marian with me! YAY!

The schedule

Last night we left office about 6:30 pm and reached MacRitchie reservoir about 8pm, totalling 1hr and 30 minutes on the bus! The road was very crowded and the stuffy feeling was not helped by the stoopid chinese drama playing on the bus tv. One of the stupid quotes: brother towards his brother about the latter's daughter-in-law who had bought super nice duck rice for dinner (in front of her and the whole family): "Wha, this scrooge is giving us present, she definitely wants something from us!" - I wonder if this kind of talk is real.

The trek started kind of slow because I had used a regular laptop backpack to carry what seemed like 10 kg of weight. I was feeling super uncomfortable, and the worst for wear were my neck and my lower back where I had tried to tightly tie the lower back straps - yes claudia, laptop backpacks are not meant to carry heavy weight. And we trekked and we trekked in the loud jungle - I swear I could hear the cicada on top of my music - and using the light from my trusty headlamp.

We reached about 4 km into the trek when suddenly, while Marian was busy looking at his iPhone (as usual!), I glance up (and hence raise my head on which my headlamp rested) and ...

The spook
I see a bunch of green things crowded in the middle of the trek. I freak out momentarily and start nudging Marian who was still busy with that damn thing. So we are still walking towards them and I am still super freaked, I put the light under my hand because they are obviously lightless and we slowly walk past them. What were they?

Well soldiers of course! Marching in the middle of the night without lights in MacRitchie Reservoir! We passed the first platoon, glimpsed another one in the bushes (those were roaming and really looked like really big, green cockroaches), and we next reached one of their stops (or whatever) where a voice bellowed from the dark (I guess I had turned the light on by now):"WHO'S THERE?!" at which Marian answered: "Civilians?" and the voice answered in a more normal tone: "Oh! [pause] sorry for my voice just now ... " So we passed another platoon - I made a point of passing them on the right (they were walking in the middle of the track) when I saw that their guns (GUNS!) were pointing on the left. I even asked marian if it was illegal to be in MacRitchie at that time of night - you never know with singapore :)

Ah well, after we passed all the soldiers I could resume light again. We trekked for a bit more when what do you think I found in the middle of the road (Marian was again! busy with the iphone) Sorry for the bad quality movie, next time i'll take my own phone that has a flash! Marian also got confused and recorded instead of taking a picture:

It's a mommy ant-eater pangolin with her little baby ant-eater pangolin on her back!! Or is it on her tail?!

Epic end
The rest are normal stuff, we took 20 minutes to get home, showered and collapsed. Before that however, I stopped at an ice-cream shop close to home. I do not like ice-cream normally but I love rum and raisin! So I bought a scoop feeling I deserved it and said "Nevermind" when the lady said that it was slightly alcoholic ... And what do you know after two little spoons I was super tipsy.

An epic end to an epic night - train in the park, find some soldiers, get drunk on ice-cream!


dorlin said...

OOH the anteater is cute!

claudia said...

yeah, at first it was a spooky two headed monster but then the two of them were so cute! Especially the baby, (s)he kept looking left and right when mommy was moving her tail :))

alvin said...

such a kewl experience!!

jensen said...

that's a pangolin, and it's super rare to spot in singapore. cool!

nita said...

wow so fun!!
night hill training is MUCH COOLER!

claudia said...

WOW Jensen thanks!!
Nita indeed, training is indeed much more fun! On the other hand, you cannot see in front of you and it seems much more longer! (or maybe i am not as fit as i used to be :)) )