Sunday, October 4

Yearning and getting fat

Yes I am a stress eater. Ok fine, I am a glutton by nature, with or without the stress. But these days, oh these days things are not looking good (dear me, I wanted to write good but i wrote "food" instead! SHEESH!).

For the past days I have been craving and yearning rock (first) and adventures (second) like never before. Much more so after I showed the pictures from our two-week climbing trip to Krabi back in 2006. I miss Tonsai and our super fun times there so much that when I see the plastic handholds in the climbing gym (GYM! I love you!) I just want to scream. And what can one do when one needs adventures? Well, one is to plan them. Which I did, but alas, no climbing holiday in the foreseeable future. So what else can I do? Well, first feel like a loser for not planning climbing trips. Then fell guilty. The, of course, stress eat!

Which brings me to the second part of today's title. Marian just returned from Romania with a lot of cheese freshly made by his parents. Yes. Cheese. With milk directly from the cow's ... um... udder!?! Some of it is going into the freezer for future sharing with guests BUT what should I do with the rest?! Actually a better question would be, how long will it take for the Cheese to be gone? I mean when I know that there is a open pack of snacks, actually an open pack of anything food, I will not rest until it's not longer there. Next is the fact that the reasons why I would love to move to France are cheap cheese, good bread, and great climbing locations. That pretty much should give you an explanation why I am so super happy to be in school right now, instead at home where I would be within walking distance of. The. Cheese.

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san said...

i WANT the cheese!hehe...i bought food for u!pass u on tues!