Tuesday, October 20


Wah Sunday was great and horrible at the same time. I say horrible because it took the Climbaprix people ten (TEN) hours to go through a competition that had 32 contestants and 4 categories. The highlights include: after spending one (ONE) hour plus to put up three routes, the tile on one route turned! Which left some clueless spotters just looking at it - afterwards, the whole volume on which the tile was attached was coming down, so they had to stop the competition again. Before that I had spotted five people standing next to a ladder, one of them holding an impact driver and they. were. just. standing. there. The ultimate fuck-up came when some idiot came to take out a tile on the last route BEFORE the last competitor (and the winner, btw - DORIS!!! YEAH!) had climbed the route - and the fuckwit also damaged the tile (or the nut) such that it was unscrewable back - so they had to replace it. SERIOUSLY!? And then the DJ from open men: "We have about 9 men in the finals ..." I am curious which of the 9 people in the final were not man enough - i guess this decimal value also gave them some trouble when after the open men cat was over it still took them 40 minutes TO TABULATE those particular results and finish the damn thing.

After everything was over San, doris and i went to town and pierced my ears! YAY! I have pierced myself twice before: once i was using one of those small knifes with very sharp blades to open up a walnut when it slipped and cut mah finger to the bone! The other time was when marius slipped on a slope in mont blanc and while stopping his falll i stuck my right crampons into my left calf, very close close to the great vein. BUT never before did I pierce myself intentionally. So yeah, I have earrings now, but I still haven't established why i did it (definitely not because i had told doris and then i couldn't back out :)) ) My ears still hurt a bit and i am reluctant to touch them, but hopefully this will go away soon and i will be able to wear some colorful earrings.

Lastly, san and dor dragged themselves to feed me DURIAN CHEE CHEONG FUN (pictured) even though it was late and they were tired. It was very very very good - the shine in the picture is not me drooling over them although I was drooling!!


san said...

aww...claud.anything for ur durian craze.and itz durian CHEE cheong fun.hahaha..

dorlin said...

okay claud that settles it- free accoms and food and great welfare when I head to your future country of residence for a holiday

claudia said...

san, and here was I feeling very proud of myself that i remembered the entire name! :)) Doris, of corse (about the accoms and food :)) ) ... NO WELFARE!