Wednesday, October 21

Tips for nighttime wildlife spotting at MacRitchie

I do not know if I mentioned this before but in New Zealand it's not going to be just marian and I. Nope, we have invited a very loud russian (Pasha from Russia - say it out loud, it rhymes!) to join us. As such, the training last night found the three of us in MacRitchie. At night, again. With slightly heavier loads (us) and very light load (him), it was a match made in heaven.

Because you see, Pasha from Russia talks. And he talks. And he never stops. And then he takes a second or two to breathe and then he talks again. Mostly about girls. Mostly about his chinese ex which he loved very much but which cheated on him. He needs to process that and thus he talks some more. And I hate his ex some more. Because there are two things that i don't like about conversations: a) when the other person is loud and b) when the story or the storyline gets repeated. On and on and on and on. Rumble, rumble, rumble... ROAR, ROAR, ROAR!

Of course, with the loud Pasha from Russia there was no chance to spot anything last night. This is because the animals in the jungle knew we were coming five minutes before we reached their spot and thus closed their eyes. Or flew away. Or snailed away. The only things we surprised were two spiders in the middle of the track and a frog - granted, their hearing capabilities are different. And towards the end, near the golf course, two birds of unknown nature and a very VERY BIG BAT (like the ones they have at the zoo - i know they are not bats exactly but what are those things?! ... got it ... it was a FLYING FOX) - but we could not come close to them so just managed to see them fly away in the distance.

And to the soldiers that were probably camping somewhere far away in the bushes, sorry for the all the psychological analysis with all the twists and turns and all the reasons why pasha from russia's ex is a bitch...

And the tip ... do not bring Pasha from Russia or at least tire him out - maybe increase his load? (about 3 kg right now)


Marian said...

It was not a flying fox. The bat last night was moving its wings... I think flying foxes cannot do that... It was just a fruit bat.

Megabats is the term used informally to refer to bats of the family Pteropodidae (as opposed to Microbats). They are also referred to as fruit bats, old world fruit bats, or flying foxes.

Oups they are called flying foxes :)

claudia said...

It is clear to me now that computer science is a field just right for us :)) as opposed to biology for example