Wednesday, November 25


Two days on the beach is about the maximum I can stand so these two days were great! I ran in the first morning and was planning to run a big run the next day as well but! Our own stupidity killed us as we fell asleep on the beach without putting on any sunscreen! This resulted in Marian and I getting ROASTED! As such, I couldn't run on the second day and i could barely swim (only stayed a bit in the water). To kill the boredom I read a great book, Catch-22 but I definitely have to read it again because I know i missed a lot of cool stuff.

We took my friend snorkeling but she wasn't very impressed - snorkeling was "nice" and the fishes were "sort of beautiful" - so after 1 hour of our paid 3 hours (29USD) she called it quits. Alas, different people, different things that makes us tick!

More pics here.


dorlin said...

hahaha that's the silliest angmoh thing to do- fall asleep on the beach without sunscreen!

You do look roasted in that nice pic though...damn I cannot believe that you are actually of a darker skin tone as compared to me (not that I'm porcelain-skinned but still......)

claudia said...

Rest assured dor, it won't be for long, i think i am starting to peel :((