Monday, November 2

Excuses vs Reasons

Last Saturday I really learned the difference between excuses and reasons. I set out to run 21 km, water, gel, music and all. I ran about 6km only. This is because when I reached INSEAD (running from school), the mother and the father of all thunderstorms started. Actually, it was starting when I left school, but i just shrugged it off and said that no silly rain is going to stop me. When the storm started I was soaked in a matter of seconds. I did not want to waste my run nor did I want to get pneumonia so I did not board a bus nor wait the storm out. So I decided to run home. In terms of stupid decisions I ever took, this one was one of the best.

The rain was sort of ok, as ok as any shit can be when it hits the fan and there's nothing you can do about it. I swallowed as much rain water as I would swallow when in the pool, trying to learn how to swim (ironically, i was still carrying a 500ml water bottle filled with, you got it, WATER).

By the time I reached the bridge over the highway though I turned from being ok to being scared shit. This is because the thunders were very close, and the lightnings where even closer. And i bet you never knew this, but when lightning strikes close, the rain droplets all light up. There is a point on that bridge that is really bare and tall and it really got me running for my life. And thinking: "shit, shit, shit, this is such a stupid way to die". So I was sprinting and squinting my eyes and sprinting (as much as i could given the deluge).

And then I hit a hill and what do you know, if you are going upslope it means all the tons of rain water are going to come down towards you! At this point I was not running but rather trying to jump over all those tons of water.

I made it home in one piece thankfully, with only my ipod and my iphone dying on me. I put them both in a plastic bag filled with rice and the ipod is back. The phone is still in ICU though - and before you ask, yes I wanted to take a picture with the phone so i took it out of its ziploc bag. I am not only hasty but also stupid.

In summary:

excuse = it's drizzling so i don't want to run

reason = it's the big mommy of thunderstorms outside so i don't want to run


san said... fine fine line between reasons and excuses..haha

RME said...

Your life never get boring. Congrats. :P I hope the iPhone will make a full recovery and leave long enough to die of natural causes. :D

claudia said...

yeah san, you bet it's very fine! That is why sometimes i understand when somebody crosses it :)

@RME, well i have to admit that while this shit was happening to me i was thinking: "Well, now at least i have something to blog about!" :)) The iphone is almost back!