Wednesday, November 18


There's nothing like a prolonged journey with people you find out you don't really know through the heat, hunger and dust to make you want to yell FUCK OFF at the top of your lungs.

Other than that, Angkor has been great and the temples are really amazing - pics coming soon! Cambodia is poor an fucking expensive. It's frightening to see how much a madmen regime can destroy a country.

Bangkok is as polluted and full of drunk white people as I remember it and this time not even the temples nor the vague memory of Krabi or Railey can wipe the bad taste away.

It's amazing to see how much of a therapeutic effect running can have on me. With all the frustration, doubt and angst that I feel now I think I could run for hours, although I would probably collapse from the pollution.

To say nothing about how much I want to feel my weight on my fingers- if not to climb, perchance to hang! As Shakespeare would have said had he been a climber ...

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