Tuesday, November 10

Of course.

You tell your high-school friend & desk-mate to come over (and it's not really just a come over because she did have to fork hundreds of euros to jet here) because it's nice and it's warm (considering it's the freaking tropics!) and then FINALLY one year on she does come over and what do you know?! It's been raining for four days non stop. I mean give me a fucking break! Just a teensy-weensy break, please?

Actually, I will be getting a break and heading for Thailand and Cambodia (Angkor Wat!) and BALI! in the coming 10 days! This is a well deserved break especially for my fingers because they will get to rest somehow and maybe when i come back they won't hurt like hell when i accidentally bang them against furniture.

As with all breaks from work it could not have come at a worse time because things are hectic here, my boss is leaving exactly after i come back blah blah blah yadi yadi yada ...

Am still considering what to take: juggling balls, gripmaster, book(s). Running shoes? Open question here because i want to run but I think i will be dead from all that walking. My friend is an architect (what do you know, another on the list of meaningful professions that I haven't chosen!) so i bet she will want to see every fucking building there is. It is still a mystery to me how we somehow used to hit it off because she's so not me - she likes dancing for crying out loud! And actually can walk for long distances in heels!

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ionuca said...

Oh, can hardly wait for the pics! :D And have lots of fun! :)