Friday, November 6

Scary stuff!

Whoever said climbing/mountaineering/deep water soloing/driving blindfolded, etc is scary, should try giving a lecture for the first time in their lives!! Scary shit man!! To see two idiot students talking among themselves while your supervisor is talking, or to see somebody sleep while you are talking and NOT BEING ABLE TO POUNCE ON THEM LIKE THE COUGAR WE KNOW YOU ARE is some scary stuff man!

To know that whatever it is that you are going to present is definitely too much for their under-stimulated undergraduate brains ... Also know that no matter what, there is no way in which you can make a 60 slides lecture more interactive than it already is because you just can't change slides real-time based on the quality/quantity/sleepiness/interest of your untested audience.

To make a long story short, my supervisor made me, I gave the advanced topic lecture, it went better than I thought (see previous paragraphs) and hopefully I won't see those students again except when I will grade their assignments (in which case i wish i had a way of finding out the names of those two talkative idiots muhahahahhaahaha).

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