Tuesday, November 3

Two weeks, one MRT line

Singapore East-West line - Pasir Ris - Simei - ... - Boon Lay - Pioneer - Joo Koon

Last week: from NUS to Boon Lay MRT - a nice 10-11 km route. Jups told me three years ago that this route is fun to run and I can finally agree - you run past the Chinese Gardens and past some lake and greenery. Not that much exhaust gas to be inhaled either, at least at the time I ran it (5pm).

This week: (yesterday) from NUS to Simei MRT - some 25 km or so. I can't really remember any of it, just that I had to take the bus from one side of Orchard road to the other because it was too crowded and un-runnable. I ran through Geylang! At night! Where I saw 1$ mangoes and 1$/kg rambutan, which is much much less expensive than what we get here in the west.


~FeN said...

seriously, from the west to the east?! that's a feat! tho u having completed a few marathons is waaay much greater. u're on a roll babe!

claudia said...

Fen! It's done in two weeks though! I think it would be really a feat (and useless!) to do it at one go!