Wednesday, February 18

The do do

Because doris' plea (hell, had it been bullying, i would not have caved in) is pretty much what keeps me from climbing even the easy novice women routes (i wonder if they will still be easy when i'll resume climbing*) I thought I would just do a little bit of research on her accidental and totally unrelated namesake. I give you, the dodo bird!

First, the name: pejorative, Some ascribe it to the Dutch word dodoor for "sluggard", but it probably is related to dodaars ("knot-arse"), referring to the knot of feathers on the hind end. According to Encarta Dictionary and Chambers Dictionary of Etymology, "dodo" comes from Portuguese doudo (currently doido) meaning "fool" or "crazy".

Appearance: According to artists' renditions, the Dodo had greyish plumage, a 23-centimeter (9-inch) bill with a hooked point, very small wings, stout yellow legs, and a tuft of curly feathers high on its rear end. Dodos were very large birds, weighing about 23 kg (50 pounds). The sternum was insufficient to support flight; these ground-bound birds evolved to take advantage of an island ecosystem with no predators.
I wonder how they managed to become extinct without any predators. Maybe they all went crazy with boredom and jumped into the water.

Courage and meat: the dodo was entirely fearless of people, and this, in combination with its flightlessness, made it easy prey. However, journals are full of reports regarding the bad taste and tough meat of the dodo, while other local species such as the Red Rail were praised for their taste. It is commonly believed that the Malay sailors held the bird in high regard and killed them only to make head dressings used in religious ceremonies ... I see potential here ...

*Which will be tonite and no amount of persuasion will change that. I have spoken.


dor said...

claud htf can i EVER BEAR to bully you???

(only possible if i turn into a grizzly BEAR- I can only outmuscle you that way ha)

its 15 mins to training and I'm gonna try my best to stop you. sneaky sneaky. ONLY FOR ONE WEEK CLAUDIA, JUST REST FOR ONE WEEK!!!!

elysa said...



claudia said...

So just so you know I have received official permission from jensen to climb on Monday, 23 of February, 2009 AD. Ha! So I guess I will forestall my plans to sekretly climb on Monday. Yup.

Ely: sure! :)