Monday, February 9

Over it

Whew! After all four of us (Marian, me and two other romanians for support) got on the bus 15 minutes before my presentation to go to the other side of campus and realized mid-way that it was right next door to our building and hence had to run back - and I mean it, seeing me in a skirt hopping (not running) and laughing like a maniac is NOT a sight for sore eyes, and after 1 hour or so of talking after my brain was mush from this morning's tutorials and after snapping very aggressively at one of the thesis committee members [NOT GOOD], yay, I passed! Thank you all for all the happy thoughts and encouragements.

I am giving myself 1 hour (until training) and 1 day off. Then I will start answering my blur lecturer's emails. Ha!
There are two students in Group 7 who are without project team. They met me on Friday after the lecture. I do not have their matric number with me , but I think both had NTxxxxx matric number. Can you do a quick check ...

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