Thursday, February 19


Just received an email from Jensen telling me that I can climb on Monday 23!! Wohoo! First of all, I want to say that I was amazed that somebody would take the trouble to write a 1 and a half page email detailing a recovery training plan. Then I was devastated when I misread 23 March instead of 23 February! After that I had to wipe my sweaty hands because reading about the stuffs that I am allowed to do (basically just climb on easy handholds) made my palms very very sweaty. Imagine, on Monday I can climb for a total of 25 minutes. TWENTY FIVE!!!!!

I am so happy just thinking that I can move on the wall (regardless of the tiles I am holding) and just get a whiff of how it feels when climbing ... Of course, I was planning to sekretly climb on Friday after the pull-up session with Regina .. I will not do that now since Monday is only 4 days away. Needless to say that I did not climb yesterday. By their power and weight combined, San and Doris made sure that I was on the wall for about 1 minute just to warm up my fingers. Bullocks. I am becoming more and more tired of the fingerboard upstairs. I am sick of doing pull-ups with my index finger pointing to the ceiling (you should try it, it's very weird) . I guess what I want to say is that I am sick of doing pull-ups. I guess Monday's 72 pull-ups have something to do with that as well...

I set a route for the intermediate women mock-comp on Saturday but only "eye powered" it, so if the moves will be hard the ladies are welcome to kill me, pinch me, hell, feed me!! :))

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