Friday, February 27

It's time to get a new laptop ...

We interupt this special programme to give you the latest news about the greatest (pfft) of them all, who else but me. I have been idling lately and slacking (alas) in an attempt to recuperate after the mind numbing torture of december, january and half of february. Just to see how mind numbing it was, i'll spare you the details and tell you that yesterday I ordered TWO laptops instead of one (not my fault entirely except the fact that i clicked - mindlessly - on all continue buttons until the very final screen). How low can one get, mind you, after one has missed a plane? Well, apparently there are lower thresholds than that. Thank god i didn't have enough money in my account or else I would be spending the whole weekend on ebay. So yeah, I'm getting a new laptop! Yay! I'll save the introduction from when it's delivered, but I just wanted to point out the reasons for me getting a new one. So, as the title says, it's time to get a new laptop when:

  • your old one has missing keys - it happened because an unforeseen circumstance whereby i ripped the keyboard because a) it sucked, b) i had a bug, and c) marian was nagging me: I put everything back (imagine my rage) except the "3" and "backspace" key

  • they keyboard on your old one sucks BIG TIME but you have no control over it since your laptop was a gift

  • the DVDROM drive works once in every 5.4 tries (tested)

  • when you plug in the power adapter you get zapped if you touch any metal part on your laptop (like screws) because of some isolation problem

  • you are sick of covering the black spots where the paint is smudged with stickers saying "Ubuntu: Linux for human beings"

  • you are so depressed over your finger injury that you harbor fantasies how you can spend all your rest time away from climbing by doing something great like programming, and hence you need a tool!

  • you just got accepted in a conference and thus going to the states and think that buying a laptop is the best way to save money - although, to be honest, I couldn't possibly take marian's laptop ... I think he would die without his precious mac book pro, even for a week


dor said...

do a Claudia Can Cook post!!!

claudia said...

hm ... now that the secret is out i guess i have to :))