Wednesday, February 4

Growl ...

I haven't blogged lately probably because I haven't had the energy to muster even the slightest form of self denigratory humor. To make a long story short,

  • A new teaching sem has started and my lecturer is determined to do the least possible amount of work. To the extent that she has set a project topic for a four people team entitled "Design and implement a vending machine simulation program". Yup. Only this. No project spec (the students are required to do that themselves), just some sketchy deliverables for which i had to give "suggestions" which were copied straight away from my email. Top this up with the new students who are as confused and blur as ever. And what pisses me the most is when they try to bullshit me. A very risky strategy on their part, because I. never. forget. (this kind of thing)

  • My thesis proposal presentation is scheduled on Monday at 3pm. I will give this presentation after my 3 tutorials in the morning, which generally leave me sapped.* This means that I will probably fuck it up. No big worries, it is only the biggest thing besides actually defending my thesis.

  • I have been going through my 80 slides with my supervisor for three times already and every time he has a new way of presenting things. Pfft. Still haven't had a chance to repeat this presentation. It's ok though because tomorrow I will be giving a rehearsal in the lab. To which only my prof, the prof that i suspect will be my external advisor, and the rest of the lab will attend. Yup. No biggie.

  • My climbing injury list is increasing instead of decreasing - ankle (check), fingers (check), flapper (check)

  • I am running out of patience with everything and everybody and am walking a very thin line between total shutdown and uncontrolled rage. Am fantasizing about taking next tuesday off just to give myself some me time.

[*] This is because the education system here has turned its students into cyclic Receive-Memorize-Recite machines to which it is very hard to explain abstract notions.

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ionuca said...

Hey, lots of luck!!!! >:D<