Friday, February 6

The red dragon

Recently we have been calling Doris "Boris" because she's SOOO strong, kinda like a guy (hell i am just envious, could somebody please call me Claudius or something too!) So last night I had a dream about Boris.

You see, Boris was a red dragon and Boris the red dragon was the last red dragon in the world. And what Boris did for fun was to hop around in these fields of snow (yes, snow) and push snow with his forehead. And this is what Boris the red dragon did the whole day. Push, push, push. You see, Boris the red dragon never got cold and never had a brain freeze from pushing the snow, even though (i suspect, i didn't dream about that) this way of chillin' out is what probably killed his siblings. So Boris was pushing show and pushing snow (like one of those tractors that does that when the streets are filled with snow) when one morning glancing up from his pile of snow he saw a glimpse of a red dragon head some 1 km away. Whoa, needless to say that Boris the red dragon was very very very excited by the prospect of FINALLY not being the last red dragon in the world and not being so lonely.

So he jumped over his pile of snow and started running towards the other red dragon. And mind you, it was very difficult for Boris to run because the snow was soft and he kept stepping through up to his small wings and hands (i see now that maybe Boris couldn't fly) and it was very difficult to advance. Even worse, the red dragon in front started running away from Boris, only he too, you see, had the same snow problem. And so Boris chased the other red dragon for a very very long time. Every time he stepped on the snow he would think that the snow would hold and then when he put his weight on it it would just break and then he would be up to his chest again in it. And so they ran and ran until FINALLY! Boris the red dragon caught up with the other red dragon. And now imagine Boris' sadness (and mine too!) when Boris saw that the red dragon he was chasing was not a red dragon after all, but rather Dino from the Flintstones wearing a plastic red dragon mask. Pffft. Boris the red dragon was the last red dragon in the world.

PS. In the quiet words of Ionuca, twentyfuckingseven.

PPS. Even though today I am teaching and still working, I had a very good climbing session with the girls (san, zx, shu, and lala en passant) and gerry, teck, and cherlyn stop by to give me mah present: durian puffS!!!!!!!! I would post a picture with the puffs, but alas and hour has passed and only 6 are left (and counting) and nobody seems to want one! doris gave me one big huge yellow head, one plastic whack stick omg and a green-stuck-in-the-bottle-umbrella! Woohoo!


dorlin said...


(see, went to check your post immediately after you texted me that you were done typing the story out)

I nearly choked to death (laughing) while reading your post. Now I know what I really am to you! A cute red dragon with tiny wings! AWWW! :D

claudia said...

funny how you picked that one out instead of picking "soon-to-be-extinct" :)))!! thanks for the wishes!!

puck said...

happy birthday, dear Claudia!

ionuca said...

Happyfuckingbirthday! >:D<