Monday, February 16

Itsy bitsy finger

why do you still hurt?

Pfft. Had the most depressing Saturday ever. Didn't go to training and hence I spent the WHOLE day in bed. Yup. I read 2 murder novels and ate a lot of junk food and chips and orange juice. And the only movement that I did was to the bathroom and back. This type of behavior is very rare for me. Hell, I can't even stand still for 10 minutes ...

Sunday I came to my senses and spent the whole day in bed again. Except that I ran 4 km in the morning and 4 km in the evening. My ankle is finally allowing me to run, so at least there is one happy point. I ran the second time because the first run was horrible after such a long time off running on a hilly terrain (and after stuffing my face with potatoes and chicken - my junk food of choice - on saturday).

Today I will go to training and probably do (a lot of) pull-ups and abs. Maybe, just maybe I will do some projecting on the novice women routes. This of course will be possible if the itsy bitsy finger doesn't hurt. At all. I am the "mature" climber here and will not be climbing to the pain (pretty horrible for me as well as I have a very high pain threshold).


dor said...

claud don't you climb!!!

(i'll keep you in check cos I'm not climbing too ha. giving my finger a break)

Anonymous said...

you all crimp too much.


claudia said...

thanks doris for not allowing me to climb!! and 2107, who was it that said "crimp harder, step harder!"?