Wednesday, February 11

I pay today

For my utter stupidity from yesterday. Just so you know, when I say that I am taking a day off, it means that I am taking a day off from CLIMBING. And thus I ran*. With my oh not so healed ankle and putting it in the ugliest, blackest, horriblest ankle guard (which makes my leg look like an elephant leg). So I ran and I hobbled yesterday for about 4-5 km. And today I pay. To say nothing that I have decided that the ankle is healed and as such will be climbing tonite without an ankle guard.

Stupidity. IT HURTS.

* Before you start frowning, I am also very stressed because I registered for Adidas Sundown Marathon and it's in 3 months and I haven't even started to think about training omg omg omg.


dor said...

Hug.i didnt read ur post until after training, i do apologise about the running comment today. Rest well dear.... You will be back stronger yea?

claudia said...

Dun worry about that ... ankle is much better already and I hear it is looking forward to lotsa runs :))