Sunday, September 20

All by myself

You can tell that I am all alone (literally, i haven't had a confirmed sighting of our flatmate in about 2 weeks) by the fact that it's Sunday, 11 am and I am in school. Also by the fact that I woke up at 07:30 am, cleaned the room out of sheer boredom. And the bathroom too!

And by the fact that I cooked myself the most awesome, guilt free, girly lunch by 09:30am: steamed brown rice with asian style green beans (green beans, half orange bell pepper, 1 medium size onion, 1 garlic clove,1 thumb size ginger, soy sauce, chili powder) mmm!

And by the fact that it's Sunday, 11:41 am (wait! I just said that!) and I haven't said a word to anyone today.



RME said...

Up at 9:30am on a Sunday? Wow! You have my respects. :D

Gri said...

loneliness IS a productive state :)

claudia said...

yeah, indeed :)