Tuesday, September 22

Running in the rain

The time for procrastination and self love has ended. The marathon is looming, the new zealand trip is, urm, close? (in december) and gone are the days where a simple rain would stop me. Last night I ran 11 km to yoga. I did two hours of yoga (the second only because my friend asked, granted - she had also eaten some slices of pizza which needed wiping from the "guilt slate" - who am I to resist such a mission?) and then I ran back to school. To ensure that I would not quit or give in to any excuses, I also told said friend that I would run back, and furthermore asked her to meet me for dinner. The first running stint was quite nice, even though a bit hot (I ran at 3pm). I especially liked the fact that there was nobody on the streets (it being holiday and all), and I barely saw (or inhaled) any cars until I reached Alexandra road.

Going back, I ran at a slower pace than coming in but I am very proud of myself because, although I was tired like a dog, I did not quit!! A wet dog at that, because it started raining when I reached Queenstown MRT and continued to rain until I reached NUS. Mind you, it was not one of those typical singaporean storms where if you are not paying attention you DROWN, but still I had to keep wiping my face or else i would not be able to see in front.

The toughest part was coming into Buona Vista where the promise of the 95 bus (albeit a cold, air conditioned one) to take me straight to NUS was very very tempting. Nonetheless, because I had told my friend that I will run to NUS, I resisted and continued to slug my led-like legs (hm, a new word! LEDLEGS!) towards the ultimate target. Reached the lab, changed into some clean(er) clothes and by 830pm was having dinner.

What is important about this saga is a) I am still super tired today - i look like I have parteeed the whole long weekend and, more importantly b) rain is no longer an reason not to run - it has become an excuse :)

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