Friday, September 18

I am turning into Marian!!!

I swear there's something about those things. After Marian got his iPhone 3GS as a birthday, xmas, anniversary, any other -ary you can think of, and so on gift from me (more or less), I got to purchase his old 1st gen iPhone for only 200 sgd (i drive a hard bargain what can i say). The first days i ignored it pretty much because we went trekking and i left it at home. But now after I came back!

Oh now it's totally a different matter. I find myself texting unusually wordy messages. Checking to see if anything is up. Taking the phone with me! (This is a real improvement) wherever i go - except for restroom, I still haven't reached that stage. Thinking about what cool apps I can put on it. Thinking about implementing my game! Coming to school to retrieve it after running to Raffles Place again*. Omg omg! pretty soon i'll grow bald and start fingering the iphone on mountain summits instead of taking in the view. The end is near, I tell ya!

*Granted this was because my students have a deadline today and I'm afraid they will call me and as such I can't afford to leave the phone in school.


dor said...


all you lack is Apple TV. And after that, you can start your own Apple Club and hail yourself as President.

claudia said...