Saturday, September 5


I would just for once like to go in that climbing gym and finish ONE hard route. Is that too much to ask? I mean, seriously. ONCE. PUHLEASE. Anybody?!?! I haven't finished any route (other than the easy warmups) in about 1 month or so. And I am growing old so chances of improvement are slim. My honest evaluation is that "It's all downhill from here baby!" [climbwise i mean] On the other hand, it's a bit difficult to go downhill from Z.E.R.O.

Signs of irreversible aging are all over the place and my problem is where to look first. Let's make a list (we're good at that):

  • Dementia - clear evidence of that from the fact that I am starting to speak in the first person plural when referring to myself - e.g. "Let's make a list (we're good at that")

  • I sprained my ankle in February and it still hasn't healed. I haven't helped it by running and sort of training for 1 marathon and 1 half marathon -> again a clear evidence for the above point

  • After a somewhat serious climbing session like last night's one, I have to ice my fingers. If I forget (which I did - again, look at the first point), my fingers will be stiff the next day.

  • My elbow injury is acting up again. This is because after a somewhat slacking summer I jumped straight into doing a lot of pull-ups, locks, campusing, etc. The first rule in Geezerhood is not to jump into strenuous activities without proper warm-up.

  • After not being able to finish any route, the resulting frustration makes me think in a looi-esque manner, "ah, forget it, let's go eat!" - It doesn't help that Adrian actually says that either. Previously, I would just grind my teeth and try and try again. Granted, the difficulty of the routes makes it such that you can't really try and try and try without resting, but the attitude, it is gone. Or maybe the routes are too hard. Or maybe not.

  • Kamikaze attitude - I still feel young inside but physically, it's not that obvious that I will be young forever like it used to be. Enough said.


jensen said...

perhaps you're doing routes that are too hard to begin with. do more routes which you can manage first, then slowly build up your fitness.
Must learn to let go la!

claudia said...

ha! this coming from the guy that is no longer climbing with us because we are too weak :))

Vincent said...

if the fat man can finish some routes, so can u!