Monday, September 14

It's simple

BIG bags can be cumbersome because you put stuff in it and you forget they are there. Or you put a lot of stuff in it and when you accidentally (well not really and accident, just a sign that you are, well ... you) put half a liter water bottle WITH NO CAP in it, all that stuff that you had gets soaked. All of it. Including your tights. And your sports bra. And your singlet. Basically, your entire running attire. Yup.

And then later, in the canteen, when you tentatively put your hand inside your bag to see what else might be soaked - you are very panicky by now because you remember that MAYBE you have your ipod in there - you touch some mushy, gooey, textury thing. Using your index finger and your thumb you slowly pull it out of your big bag, and what is it?!?! A rotten papaya slice of course! Probably there since last week by the looks of it. And because there is no trash can in sight (and you want to photoblog it as well), you keep on standing in line for your food, while holding the rotten papaya.



RME said...

Without reading the post I would never guess that is papaya! :P

claudia said...

tell me about it, I am still grossed out!