Friday, September 11

Ok, my right buttocks hurts

Yesterday, Marian and I ran 8 km to vivo city. It was a slow run because my ankle hurt in the beginning and totally ruined my rhythm (note to self: warm up before running). We shopped in giant for the upcoming trip to mount Ophir this weekend, and then lucky Marian went home with all our purchases - we bought 10 (TEN) snickers bars because hopefully we are going to be a big group - and I continued to a very nice and very long yoga class. One hour and thirty minutes of ashtanga to be exact. The first half an hour of which you basically do a series like: push up, come up, jump front, look up, look down, jump back, push-up, repeat. It does feel like you are some poor solider in some deranged platoon directed by this maniac who is definitely out to get you. YES, YOU! The inflexible, cannot twist my right ankle, wearing a ghastly orange and black running singlet and dark blue running shorts (thank god the lights are dimmer). You are not in a platoon in the jungle, simply because it's indoors, and you do chant three "Om" before you start which I guess is supposed to quiet your mind before the onslaught. Other than that, you do sweat like a pig and your mat is booby trapped because of that sweat - one insecure jump and you fly Claudia, fly!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the class very much! Except that I was home at 11:10 pm. And because this pain in my right buttocks (I think it's the right hip though, because I can't massage it away), I slept at 3am - i like to sleep on my back or on my right side, ha! Thus today I am a bit of a grumps, but am looking forward to the soup Sandra is bringing tonite! I have so far been initiated in:
- pork ribs lotus soup - loved the lotus! but otherwise too porky for me :)

- ginseng herbal chicken soup - this one was gone in 30 seconds!

PS. yes, the picture has nothing to do with the post. We just got caught in the rain this morning and this is what I wore for protection.

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san said...

u can add old melon soup! and black chix soup coming up! :)