Wednesday, September 30

Antz ... Or how I turn into a killer

It all started when one small black ant made its way from the desk adjoining mine to my desk. It treaded lightly and was super shy, not wanting to disturb the world-changing research activity going on. I paused momentarily from the world-changing research activity and pondered my options. I was feeling super budhist that day, so I meditated on how actually it was us humans that were invading their habitat and not the other way around, and i picked up the piece of paper on which the small black ant was making its way and blowed gingerly towards the floor. After a successful landing, the ant continued on its merry way and I returned to the world-changing research activity. The process repeated itself for a couple of days, until more and more ants made their way to my desk, and I did my best to remove them without harm.

A weekend passed and I found them roaming on my desk like it was Ant HIghway 63. The first murder troubled me deeply but they were starting to get on my nerves. I squashed one that was moving on my hand and from then on I had no trouble squashing others. And swearing at them. And threatening them.

Today however when I came to work I found some outside the door (10 m from my desk). More importantly, they were in, behind, and underneath the boiler I use to boil water for my coffee. I can take anything except somebody MESSING WITH MAH COFFEE!!! A massacre ensured, and I did not clean the cadavers surrounding the boiler to send out a message to other brave souls. I also put "ant traps" on my things to do today list, which guarantees that the act of buying ant traps will be completed at most in 7 working days.

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