Thursday, July 16

Apple Store Rant

I have to vent my anger because if I don't I will throw this laptop out of the window. NAO. So I went to the apple store in New York. So to speak, I visited the mothership. And the fathership, and whatever you want to call it. Specifically, to ask technical questions about Marian's laptop and mine. Below is the list of questions:

  1. I have the 13 inch unibody. The black keys get grease marks on them and the plastic seems to retain the grease even after I thoroughly clean it. What to do? (Don't tell me to clean it, because I am doing that already)

  2. My friend has a Macbook pro, early 2008 and his battery is down to 80 % after about 100 cycles. On your website you say that battery is guaranteed to 80% after 300 cycles. Laptop is out of 1 year warrantee. What to do?

  3. That same friend has a NVIDIA Graphics card and sometimes because of that the screen shows some lines - goes away after reboot. NVIDIA offers 5 years warrantee for the graphics cards :D What to do?

First of all, the dungeon in the mothership (you have to go down some stairs) was crowded.

First Stop: Laurel and Hardy

And because it was crowded I actually went to ask where to get some info. Got directed to "people in light blue tshirts". So I scanned the area and I saw two light blue tshirt guys standing side by side but otherwise NOT TALKING not looking, just basically STONING. It was obvious that they weren't doing anything. So I go to them and ask: sorry to bother you guys, can I ask you some techincky questions? To which the short guy says: "Yeah sure, no problem, just as soon as we finish with a customer" and he turns to the other one and says: "yeah, about that screen, do you think she'll be able to replace it?", "Yeah, i don't know .. " says the other, at which both turn their backs on me and continue to talk about the "lady with the screen". As if I was born in the US and didn't come from Romania where SLACKING IS LIVING!!!!

I grind my teeth and continue (I don't like crowded places and crowded places WITH IDIOTS make me puke)

Third Stop: Confused Redhead
Thought I was talking about a lady, huh? Well not really :)) I went to this redhead guy, and the answers to my questions were:

  1. "You can clean your keyboard with this!" and shows me iKlean. "I already use it, do you have anything else?" "Well, here we don't have anything" "And where do you have something else" "Um ... well we don't have anything else"

  2. "Your friend should bring the laptop to the genius bar, they can run a diagnostic on the battery there" "But I already have a diagnose, how else would i know all this?" "Yeah you're right ... If it's out of warrantee then the battery is a consumable and we do not offer support" [I KNEW I HAD A WINNER HERE]

  3. I barely had finished my question when the blitz-krieg answer came: "If it's out of warrantee then we do not support anything"

So I looked if I could get to a genius (dark blue t-shirt) but they were all behind a desk and 2 people were manning the queue - marian had told me that you need a FUCKING appointment. However, I found somebody that was idling next to the genius bar.

Last Stop: At least I will ask
I didn't bother with the first question. For the second one since I knew that at least this one would actually think before flapping his mouth, after he told me the well-known line "If it's in warrantee then of course we cannot change it. The specified terms are if something happens and it's in warrantee, even if we don't write it there" (do you think they have this hot wired in their brains?!) Anyhow, I knew that this one would listen to logic so I asked "Yeah but the battery has more parameters that you also guarantee (i.e. after 300 cycles, not 100)" -I didn't use the i.e. :) ... In the end he went (by his own free will - no glaring from my part or anything) to ask a genius.

While I waited, there was another -light-blue-is-for-i-don't-have-a-brain-t-shirt guy next to him. A guy came to him to ask "Hey, i am using skype but somehow when i use headphones i cannot hear. i can hear if i don't have any headphones. Is there some setting i can change that's to do with headphones?" To which the light-blue-screen-of-death guy answers: "We do not offer Skype support". And that was it. I MEAN C'MON!!!!!! Meantime, my genius-bar-drone returned to say that the warrantee thing still stands.

I didn't bother with him anymore, I was too disgusted and really wanted to get out of there as soon as possible (gone were marian's other, even more specific questions :)) ).

I am writing this rant because it's been one hour since I am trying to delete photos from my hard drive using iPhoto. Either I am crazy or stoopid (very possible) or something is wrong. I am deleting photos from the "Photos library" then emptying the iPhoto Trash BUT THE PHOTO IS STILL on my hard drive. No photos today either. Pfft.

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