Friday, July 31

Dead rats smell like sea water

Well that pretty much says it all. Last week me and my super duper sensitive nose smelled something kinda icky in the gym. It smelled pretty much how one's clothes smell after running 42.165 km in them. This tuesday however, my nose (and other people's noses by now) started to really twitch. For me, it smelled like either something very wet with sea water and left to dry OR a dead cat (like the ones i pass by in the park back home and in which any dog would just love to play in).

Turns out it was a DEAD RAT, finally identified by gerry on wednesday and cleaned by hh and the rest. Whew! I am only sorry that i was not there to snap a picture to put it here. It would have definitely lifted the spirits around here :))

BEFORE I FORGET AND THE TILES GET RESHUFFLED!! San and I have project routes on the sun moon wall! Even if the tiles get re-shuffled, we always can set other routes like these:

  1. Undercling pocket - yellow crimp - HAC - crimp - crimp - yellow monkey butt - purple ball - end (footholds: purple, brown, yellow, white&red)

  2. jug - crimp - crimpy jug - crimp - pocket - crimp - end (footholds: green, jug, red) (Can you tell this is sandra's route? she has an affinity for small stuff)

  3. The next two are my projects only - jug - crimpy thing - pinchy thing - side wall - pinch - big yellow (but a crimp, alas) - yellow monkey butt - jug - crimp - end! (my route - i like big shitty stuff)

  4. jug - crimp - ball - pocket - i forgot - i forgot - end! (sandra's route - the move from the ball to the pocket is SciFi - she can do though :( )

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san said...

jug - crimp - ball - blue pocket - white jug pocket - lizard - white horn end! footholds --> small green, yellow small jug, grey shitty tile at the corner.. beta --> stay low and cross! FINISH BY MONDAY! :)