Friday, July 10

Reviews, I like

Below a short list of phrases and constructions that made my day today. All spelling errors are as found in the submitted papers.

  • Using a monotinically increasing global counter, but it is very difficult to maintain global counter in distributed environment

  • In Internet, which is a very complex system [1], ...

  • But generally speaking, the existing CA methods failed to insufficiently consider the characteristics of network itself and not taking into account of such details as the packet loss due to ....

  • The simulation results show that the model is reasonable in a certain sense and provides references for a more thorough study of network behavior.

  • Relative Works [instead of Related Work]

  • With the continuous increasing complexity of computer applications, the scale of software systems is becoming sweeping, meanwhile, the complexity of the task enhances unbelievably, and the concurrency of software has been continuously strengthened.

  • However, in practice, many errors occurred in a few days or even months after the system start, in this case it is clear that to find the location of errors by rerun system is obviously laborious and time-consuming, even worse, the occurrence of some error are closely dependent on the other events, even for the rerun of the system, it may not take the error occurred again, especially if the complicated multi-tasking system, as a result of the uncertainty of the order of task execution, quite some software failures are always difficult to recur. [this phrase has 94 words]

  • Shared memories between ... and ... are the media for log data transfer.

  • Fourthly, we support replaying in diffident computers because of the isolation of log and replay system. [THIS ONE CRACKS ME UP!!]

  • the virtual machine-based replay technology has become a hot pot.

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