Monday, July 20

New York, New York! (1)

I have many many great pictures from Lake Placid, like this one:

and this one:

but I really have to quit it or else I will travel again and the new york pictures will not be up.

First of all, in our first day in New York we didn't do much but we walked like crazy!! It was also the only day in which I brought my climbing shoes to Central Park to boulder. Alas, it was raining and thus I didn't climb. Good walking shoes and a big backpack to store shopping (I confess - but what can I do, everything was on SALE!) bring you a long way. Even though, to be honest, a big backpack will get you searched almost everywhere and will get you being sent to the huge queue for the luggage room at the Met.

First, our hotel. We stayed at Mont Morris Bed & Breakfast and it was amazing! This old brownstone house with wooden squeaky floors and great wall decorations just at the tip of Harlem. We loved it! (I loved it more than mom I guess, because she had to go down the squeaky steps to go out to smoke, haha!) This was part of our room. I LOVED the orange walls!! (our second room when we came back from lake placid had black walls with a golden dragon, no pics, sorry)

First stop, the Port Authority Terminal to buy bus tickets, all via Times Square. Well. A lot of flashing signs and a HUGE waste of power if you ask me, but then again, who am I to say anything?

Sentient un-crowding life forms on Broadway:

A McDonald's franchise with an identity crisis:

Me and my friend Morgan. He's looking for quick ways of escape from the pink singlet.

Central Park and Empire State from the Top of the Rock (Mom found 20 dollars on the ground there).

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Central Park - even though trekking possibilities were presented (in the form of an area that is kept wild intentionally) we didn't because mom was wearing sandals.

And finally, inside the Met. Mom went to ask where Van Gogh and Picasso were only to be met with a look full of contempt from one of the curators: "Oh, you mean the impressionists? Go straight down, then left" with a bored wave of the arm. I cleared our name when, after we got lost in the myriad of paintings, I went to another curator and asked in a strong voice: "Excuse me, where are the impressionists?" . Culture. I Need It.

Purists, beware.

The rest of the pics from our first day in new york are here.

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dor said...

ooh lovely view from the top...though its too much of a concrete jungle. and i think i wld have laughed pretty hysterically at the macdees signs literally all over the shop..identity crisis indeed.

ohoh dun eat too mnay chips! :D