Wednesday, July 29

In which I am humbled

  • by the postdoc from MIT who is in Singapore to do CANCER research. How about that for a meaningful career?

  • by a former university colleague of mine who is now publishing super rank 1 papers and I suspect is super knowledgeable (not like yours truly) - goes to show how i could have spent those uni years instead of drinking my brains off [and hiking]

  • by my chinese flatmate who, even though he does not receive any scholarship and his supervisor makes him work day/night EVERYDAY (including sat + sun), never quit and still hangs in there - even though mind you, these are not hardships for him (to quote him, "this is best") - but it would be horrible for me to bear

  • by the move to the second clip in the rockamania route - goes to show that finally sucking up those nerves IS NOT ENOUGH! [one must read the route too!]

  • by sandra who can realize from a simple text message that i am on the verge of teardom (and calls to push me in! :)) )

  • by doris and san who bought me one WHOLE BIG durian that I ate all by myself (except one small seed which I offered to kesheng - just to show that I am trying to share) - loosing might become a habit if i keep getting these rewards :)

1 comment:

san said...

whao claud! u shared ur durian? im so proud of u! haha..