Friday, July 24

The perfect way

to get your friends to do stuff that you yourself do not want to do.

So. I was doing some light climbing on wednesday in the hope of resurrecting my long lost endurance. And as Vincent also wanted to climb, we were climbing together. And here we were, climbing easy peasy routes when heng hong comes and gives vincent a route.

All nice and dandy... but Vincent says: "HA! I will flash it!" and I say "HA! You will not! For every time you fall, you will do 20 push-ups!" - and of course he doesn't flash it (because he's fat and weak) and then I get up to do the route. And of course I can't flash it (because I am also fat and weak but the moves were also spanned) but suddenly I HAVE TO DO 20 PUSHUPS for every attempt. I mean WTF?! It was not me that said that I will flash that route?! Why am I suddenly in this?!

In the end, the score was 60 - 80 -- 60 for Vincent and 80 for me. For Vincent I actually was kind enough to replace 20 pushups with 10 pull-ups but I didn't do that for me. Actually, I tried but I couldn't do 10 pull-ups!

So next time when you see your friends idling around, say you will do something amazing and get them to sort of get you to do something if you don't accomplish that amazing feat. And then! kick their unsuspecting asses and get them to do the amazing feat themselves! Of course they will suffer the same fate if they cannot do!


shuhui said...

i wanna do push ups! :)

Vincent said...

Ha ha Ha ha ha
WE challenge routes again!

claudia said...

hahahah YOU will challenge routes with yourself thankyouverymuch! Sandra and I have some projects you might want to try! BUT! since i know i can't end, we change the system: for every tile one reaches farther than the other, the "loser" has to do 20 pushups. I will be climbing on monday, so if you dare, c'mon down!

Vincent said...

b r i n g