Sunday, July 5

Out and about

With NUS announcing everybody that there's no need to observe quarantine I am now officially out and about. I would love to sound more cheerful but there you have it, I am not. The first thing to do with my new found (not that lost either) freedom was to go running. I guess i had not realized how dreadful Sundown Marathon was for me until I bent towards my running shoes and suddenly I was cringing and didn't want to do it anymore. While I suppose that as a runner you will have bad races and good races (probably more bad than good), it is still interesting to see the effect that 4 hours of pain can have on the human psychic. Top that with the fact that my ankle still feels weird and it's no wonder that 10 minutes into the run when my iPod died on me, I was more than happy to call it a night. Aargh!

Now of course I was in the gym before you could say "H1N1" in a pathetic attempt to up my endurance. I knew i lost it considering that I did not climb for so long but I didn't know it would be so lost, it's not even in the gym anymore! I'll have to post notices at the bus stations around the gym: "If anybody has seen my endurance to call 94222... ! Last spotted: end of June huffing and puffing around NUS gym. Big reward guaranteed!"


Anonymous said...

Lets train together.
I'll be at the gym tml Thurs 09.07.09


claudia said...

mr pan!!!! climbing today during office hours with san! it's her commencement woo hoo!