Tuesday, July 21


There is nothing in this world your dog will not do for you. Furthermore, there is NOTHING in this world your dog will not do for you given the right treat. And thus here am I, freshly out of the climbing team, and back again in a competition. Going to exhibit my superior lead climbing skills (HA!) to an audience that includes strangers. At my best, I suck at lead climbing. Let's face it. When I lead climb, I shake like a leaf and any difficult move is the best excuse for me to yell "TAKE!", to rest, ponder the move (and my mortality) and (hopefully) go for it. And I do this no matter the route, no matter who is belaying (except sandra, who has finally figured me out, hahaha) and even when I am in a relaxed atmosphere, i.e. with friends. The reality of the fact is, in lead climbing competitions, you cannot yell "TAKE!" or "TIGHT!" or whatever. You just have to climb and ... fall. Which is something that I cannot, for the life of me, do.

My incentive?! Oh why oh why did I have to say

me me 7/19/09 10:33 PM so if you need participants, then its a yes -- but i suck
me me 7/19/09 10:33 PMso i would embarrass myself only for you

instead of saying "no, i won't do it, i don't want to"?! I guess there are two reasons for that. One is that sucking at climbing in front of perfect strangers (and i am not exactly inconspicuous as i am generally the only white girl around) is nothing new to me. Hell, I've been last for a bouldering comp, it can get any worse than that, right? I'm gonna be last for a lead climbing comp too!! [that will set some records i guess :)) - in the end they'll even invite me to competitions to make sure that they have somebody willing to take the last place].

The other one is ... how can you say no to somebody who brings you such perfect treats?!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have 5 (FIVE) bags of chips with different flavors, as follows:
- mexican barbeque- hola, chiquitas!
- extra barbeque (smaller, guilt free bag)
- shock: dun know what it is cause everything else other than "shock" is written in thai, of course, but the bag has pictures of: 3 chillies (woohoo), half a lime, and a plate with 1 or 2 shrimps and a crab!
- seafood - same picture with plate with 1 or 2 shrimps and accompanying crab
- cheese and onion

I haven't opened any of them because I know that once I open one that will be the end for all of them. I plan to approach them one by one by taking a single one to the office with me and munching on it there. Wish me luck or else my climbing pants won't fit me (again).


san said...

CLAUDIA! BREATHE BREATHE! NO TIGHT! JUST FALL! hahaa... and dun eat ur chips eh..leave them with me. by the way, cheese and onion is not bad! me is eating them now.. muhaha..b

dor said...

19/7/2009 10:35:33 PM dorlin so....u wna take part?

19/7/2009 10:35:33 PM dorlin

19/7/2009 10:35:37 PM dorlin
i dun liek making such decisions

19/7/2009 10:35:46 PM dorlin
put me out of my misery u cold hard beeech

19/7/2009 10:35:56 PM szaboclaudia@yahoo.com
:)) you aint gonna get an answer from me ok?

19/7/2009 10:36:18 PM szaboclaudia@yahoo.com
you figure it out ... you be vice captain nao :))


hahahaha awwww claud, i missed u so! :) and er ration the chips- succeed in that and we will go for durians ok! :D

claudia said...


judith said...

haha. dun worry!! im noobier than you! like ultra. never even do kids lead climbing before. haha. i cant believe im taking part either. :p hwqezjk

RME said...

Unless the climbing is recorded and posted on youtube I think you have nothing to worry about. ;-)

Judith: What is 'hwqezjk'? Some sort of new version for kthxbai? :P

All the best!