Wednesday, July 15

Updates from the front

Just spent 4 hours entertaining a visitor from another university (1 hour was my presentation) so now my brain is shot so I cannot do any work. Ergo I am slacking.

- i walked home yesterday as promised in the previous post. How is it that everytime you want to take the bus none arrives but when you decide to walk there are zillions of them passing by? It was a great effort on my will power not to board any of them! Anyhow, it took me 24 minutes to get home from the gym. Good, good!

- i have a small violet patch on one of my toenails. Am waiting for it to decide what to do with my foot.

- i have started writing my thesis. I have now 1 (ONE) paragraph.

- do not ask me how new york was because I will instantly feel guilty for not organizing the photos and posting them here. TOMORROW!! (Ergo some more slacking tomorrow).

- am registering for Standard Chartered Marathon TOMORROW. Even though my ankle is still VERY weak.

- i seem to be doing a lot of things TOMORROW.

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